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Greetings and Peace

Akashic Jewelry is a brand that was born out of a unique and inspiring experience. The founder, OM, offered a summer job to a teenager and taught him about meditation and holistic health. He also gifted him a bag of gemstones, which he said would be valuable one day. This gift of vision has unlocked opportunities for creatives worldwide, and the brand continues to inspire and touch many people.

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My Story

During the summer of 1998 I walked past a boutique in my neighborhood that I had never seen before. I walked in to inquire about the hookah pipes that were in the window. Before I could leave, the owner asked me if I would be interested in working with him. That summer became a pivotal point for my future. His name was OM. He gave me a vending license and access to anything in his boutique that I would be interested in selling. He served me various Indian dishes and taught me about meditation and holistic health. He gave me many gifts and treated me like I was his son. One of the gifts that he gave me was a bag of gemstones. At the I had no concept of the value of what he had given me, but he instructed me to hold onto to them. He told me that in time I would learn the value of the gemstones and know exactly what to with them. Eventually his vision became a reality and Akashic Jewelry was born. Many people worldwide have benefited from my work and the energy that OM projected on to me.

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