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These are ethically mined by artisanal miners who are Shangaan tribal people. The Shangaan live in Zimbabwe close to the border of Mozambique. These particular stones emanate feminine power. It is a swirling mix of colors, inclusions, and unusual formations. Check out the photo to see what this crystals' energies might be. This crystal is Elestial. Elestial crystals have many natural terminations and folds over a multi layered crystal. Appears to be wrinkled and feels that too. This is young quartz and is usually smoky in appearance seemingly burnt by a fire. Elestials bring the most Yin power of all quartz crystals. They are the matriarch stone, the Queen Stone, and the symbol of feminine dominion. Elestials are not transparent. They are not easy to categorize. They are not elongated, they have many points and present a confusing, often conflicting appearance - representing and depicting the feminine powers of the Universal Life Force. These crystals are best used as personal talismans for women who are building self-confidence, and personal power. If you are starting a business, starting a career, or have a new leadership position, an Elestial quartz will focus and amplify your natural leadership abilities. Keep it with you always, but never let it be seen. This is not a soothing, serene healing stone. It will not heal anything. It is a feminine power stone of dominion and leadership.


Necklace - Copper - 21 inches / 1/4 inch diameter

Shangaan Amethyst

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